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Mixtapes and Mixology | Kenny Cohrs’ Not Another Sequel

Episode 4
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1 minute read

Mixtapes & Mixology is a new podcast from The Bridge, Flatland, and Recommended Daily that mashes up the Kansas City music and cocktail scene. Each week, we tell the story of one band, one song, and one bartender. Then we ask the bartender to listen to that song and make us a drink based on how the track makes them feel. You can download the podcast and check out this week’s artist Yes You Are.

Not Another Sequel

1 1/2 ounces Plantation Dark Rum

1 1/2 ounces Slightly sweetened coconut milk

Crushed ice

1 ounce Pineapple cordial*

1 ounce Watermelon shrub**

Grilled pineapple wedge, sprayed with Angostura bitters (garnish)

Fresh seedless watermelon cube (1 inch by 1 inch, garnish)

Pineapple rind ribbon (garnish)

*To make the cordial, combine three parts pineapple juice, three parts Demarara sugar simple syrup (1:1 ratio of sugar to water), and two parts Cross Navy Strength Rum.

**To make the watermelon shrub, combine 2 parts watermelon juice, 1 handful of pickled watermelon rind, 1 part champagne vinegar, 1 part red wine vinegar, and 2 parts sugar.

To make a Not Another Sequel, combine the rum and coconut milk in a shaker with ice and shake vigorously for 10 to 15 seconds. Set aside.

Fill a Collins glass (a long tall glass) with crushed ice. Pour the watermelon shrub over the ice to create the bottom layer of the drink. Then add the pineapple cordial for the middle layer. Pour the shaken rum and coconut milk mixture through a strainer over the ice to create the top layer. Garnish with the pineapple, watermelon cube, and pineapple rind ribbon.

Kenny Cohrs works with Jax Fish House & Oyster Bar and Liquid Minded Concepts. Mixtapes and Mixology is a four-part podcast series that culminates in a live cocktail-and-music event on Thursday, September 15. Find information and tickets here.

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