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D. Rashaan Gilmore hosts Flatland on Kansas City PBS, our monthly current affairs program that takes a deep dive into a single local issue that is raising questions, causing tensions, or is curiously unexplored.

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Art House | Panic in ‘The Pulpit’

"The Pulpit: Prelude" is a short film that tracks growing tensions surrounding a progressive pastor in a small rural community.

Art House | ‘Body Paragraphs’ Ponders Teen Struggle for Self-Esteem

Here’s a bit of advice. Keep an eye on emerging writer/director Erika Lobati, whose latest short film is a compelling and comedic mediation on body image.

Art House | Expect ‘The Unexpected’ to Affect You

The filmmakers behind "The Unexpected," a new short film about organ trafficking, discuss how they made the movie in Kansas City.

We Are Latinos | Art at the Heart of the Matter

Jenny Mendez, a third-generation Mexican American artist born and raised on the West Side of Kansas City, is cultural arts director at the Mattie Rhodes Center. The neighborhood, and its people, have inspired her for decades. That inspiration found its fullest expression in the West Side mural project.

Art House | KC Filmmaker Vies to Share Black Perspective

More diverse representation in local cinema comes through strongly in two compelling short films by DeVonte Brown, “Vie” and “Now What?”

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