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D. Rashaan Gilmore hosts Flatland on Kansas City PBS, our monthly current affairs program that takes a deep dive into a single local issue that is raising questions, causing tensions, or is curiously unexplored.

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Passing the Baton | Sonny Gibson’s Pursuit of Local Black History

Sonny Gibson, a historian and author, has been doggedly documenting the forgotten history of Black Kansas City for decades.

Passing the Baton | Carmaletta Williams on Highways Breaking Neighborhoods

Carmaletta Williams, CEO of the Black Archives of Mid-America, shares how a new highway in her neighborhood altered the course of her life.

Passing the Baton | Rev. John Modest Miles on Building Community

Rev. John Modest Miles reflects on community building as part of "Passing the Baton," a series of cross-generational conversations hosted by educator Carl Boyd.

Passing the Baton | Diane Charity on the Fight for Fair Housing

Diane Charity talks about her long fight for fair and affordable housing and the creation of KC Tenants on "Passing the Baton."

Passing the Baton | Alvin Brooks on Connecting the Black Community With Police

Alvin Brooks shares the story behind the creation of the AdHoc Group Against Crime, part of the "Passing the Baton" series.

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