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Flatland (the TV Show)

Flatland in July: Reproductive Rights

With the Supreme Court having overturned Roe V. Wade, all eyes turn to the constitutional amendment on the ballot in Kansas. The Flatland team takes a look at the consequences the decision would have on people in our region.

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‘Art Moves Us’ | Mattie Rhodes Center

The arts play a big role in the Mattie Rhodes Center's ongoing efforts to serve Kansas City's most vulnerable people.

‘Art Moves Us’ | Epic Arts

Epic Arts is developing creative spaces in hopes of building a sense of place and pride in Wyandotte County.

‘Art Moves Us’ | Vi Tran Band

Vi Tran Band performs "Sherlock" as part of "Art Moves Us," which celebrates the arts in Kansas City.

Race and Education

School board races across the U.S. found themselves revolving around controversy over Critical Race Theory, a legal framework that studies the history of racism in American institutions. But across most K-12 curricula, the teaching does not exist.

New Kansas City PBS Documentary Ponders Past, Present and Future of Movie Theaters

"Fade to Black," a new Kansas City PBS documentary, explores the past, present and future of movie exhibition through the eyes of the people who helped build the industry, and hope to ensure it survives the COVID-19 pandemic.

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