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Crafting the Voice of Strings | KRUTZ

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1 minute read

Every KRUTZ instrument brings together the full ensemble of components: wood, varnish, strings and most importantly, expertise. It’s the synergy of these components that gives every KRUTZ string instrument a voice. Creating “The Voice Of Strings” has been achieved by Master Luthier Anton Krutz and his craftsmen over decades of hand crafting instruments in the Midwest for some of the finest string players in the world.

KRUTZ is now the only shop in the world creating violins, violas, cellos and basses on a professional level with this richly imbued voice. Anton began as a young artist, developing his violin making skills. He then pursued the bounds of the instruments’ acoustics in an avant-garde fashion, relentlessly enhancing every nuance of the process. The culmination of richness, power and versatile expression in his instruments’ voice began to fill concert halls. As his reputation grew, so did his desire to provide this voice to all levels of string players, which has led to the full line of KRUTZ instruments for students as well as professional players.

KRUTZ recognizes that a player is a co-creator, choosing to use a string instrument to express the essence of the soul. KRUTZ instruments’ voice empowers that self expression.

Sounds of the Soul is a Flatland arts series produced by G10 Creative. Watch for digital shorts publishing online Tuesday and Thursdays through March 14, then tune in at 7:30 p.m. March 21 on KCPT for the full 30-minute documentary.

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