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KC Week in Review: Local lessons of Ferguson

Nick Haines
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1 minute read

This week’s panel discusses some of the local and wider political implications of the unrest in Ferguson as well as tracks current election topics including the race for Kansas governor, Pat Robertson, and streetcars. Also this week, a refreshing string of positive news stories coming out of the Kansas City, Missouri school district. 

News reviewers: Steve Kraske, KCUR; Eric Wesson, The Call; Garrett Haake, 41 Action News, and Dave Helling of the Kansas City Star 


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One thought on “KC Week in Review: Local lessons of Ferguson

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    We have replaced this countries identity with Kwanzaa, El Día de la Batalla de Puebla or as we know it Cinco de Mayo, it is not Mexico’s Independence Day but recognizes the day of the battle of Puebla. The Chinese New Year celebration, St. Patrick’s Day, Columbus Day, Juneteenth and we haven’t even begun to sift through the religious holidays of which none recognize or reflect the American Indian beliefs or the many flags that are raised to honor the very country people came here to escape and most have never even been to.

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    We have to look beyond race and the race baiters, there’s nothing wrong with exploring your lineage but you should keep in mind at the end of the day, you are American.

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