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FAQ: How to Vote in Missouri KC Voter Guide 2024

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Above image credit: A poll worker peels off an "I Voted" sticker. (Carlos Moreno | KCUR 89.3)
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4 minute read

2024 is a big election year for Missouri: Every statewide officer from governor to treasurer is on the ballot, along with a U.S. Senate seat, every U.S. House race, much of the Missouri General Assembly, and several critical constitutional amendments.

And that’s not even to mention the all-too-important local races you’ll see.

Before you head to the polls, it’s important to make sure you’re prepared.

Below, we’ve assembled a guide for Missouri residents to getting registered to vote, finding what’s on your ballot, locating your polling place, and more.

Coming soon, you can find comprehensive explanations of each Missouri race on the 2024 KC Voter Guide.

Click on one of the questions below to jump to the answer:

Who Can Register to Vote?

To vote in Missouri, you must be at least 18 years old, a U.S. citizen and a state resident.

If you’ll be 18 by Election Day, you can register as young as age 17 and a half.

When Should I Register to Vote?

As soon as possible!

Plan ahead to ensure you can vote.

Your voter registration has to be postmarked by the fourth Wednesday before the election you want to vote in. (Once you’re registered, you’re good to go for all future elections unless you move, change your name or get removed from the rolls.)

That means the last day to register for the Aug. 6, 2024, primary election is July 10, 2024.

The deadline to register for the Nov. 5, 2024, general election is Oct. 9, 2024.

How Can I Check My Voter Registration Status?

If you can’t remember whether you’re registered at your current address or want to make sure you haven’t been removed from the voter rolls, you may want to check your registration.

You can do that on the Missouri Secretary of State website by providing your county, date of birth, last four digits of your Social Security number and the exact name you used to register.

You can also call your local election authority or check if it has an online registration lookup.

How Do I Register to Vote in Missouri, or Update My Registration?

You have a few options.

  1. Fill out an online form. The form still has to be printed and mailed or submitted in person. 
  2. Print and mail your registration form. 
  3. Register in person at the county clerk’s office, Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) or other state agency. 
  4. Request an application, which will be mailed to you. You’ll then have to mail it back or submit it in person. 

You’ll need to confirm that you’re eligible to register, sign the form and provide information such as your name, home address and date of birth. If you have them, you’re also required to include your driver’s license number and last four digits of your Social Security number.
You’ll have the opportunity to include your phone number, email and political party, but those items are optional.

How Can I Look Up My Sample Ballot?

You may be able to check your sample ballot at the same link where you check your registration.

Other options to view sample ballots include your polling place, election authority websites and local newspapers.

A sample ballot customized to your address shows you exactly what your ballot will look like in advance so you know which races to research.

Other sample ballots will show you every race or ballot measure in the area covered by the election authority, such as a county, meaning you’d still have to figure out which races will appear on your personal ballot.

You can also look up statewide ballot measures online and see the list of federal and state candidates.

Where Can I Find My Polling Place?

Your voter information lookup may tell you your polling place, but you can also verify it with your local election authority, such as a county election board or the Kansas City Election Board.

Here’s where to find more information in:

You may also receive a card in the mail with your polling place.
Note: Your polling place may have changed since the last time you voted.

When is the Election?

Polling places are open from 6 a.m. to 7 p.m. on Election Day (Aug. 6 for the primary and Nov. 5 for the general).

If you’re in line when polls close, stay in line. You will be allowed to vote.

Can I Vote Early in Missouri?

If you can’t make it to the polls on Election Day, or it isn’t convenient, you have a few options in Missouri.

You can vote absentee in-person during the two weeks before Election Day. Your local election authority will pick the location. You don’t need a particular reason or excuse. 

You can also request an absentee ballot to return by mail. To do so, you must have an approved reason such as illness, disability, caretaking responsibilities, absence, incarceration, religious belief or practice, or working at a different polling place on Election Day.

Requests must be received by the second Wednesday before the election and can be submitted by mail, fax or email. 

See the Missouri Secretary of State website for more information and instructions for military and overseas voting. 

What Voter ID Do I Need to Bring?

Missouri has recently tightened voter ID requirements.

To vote, you now need a photo ID such as a current Missouri driver’s license or nondriver license, a current U.S. passport, a current military ID or another U.S. or state-issued photo ID.

You can get a photo ID from the Missouri Department of Revenue. And you can get help obtaining a proper ID from the Missouri Secretary of State’s office.

Can I Cast a Provisional Ballot?

If you arrive without an acceptable ID, you can cast a provisional ballot.

It will be counted if you return with a proper ID later the same day, or if the election office decides the signature on your provisional ballot matches the one on your registration.

What if I Need Help Casting My Ballot?

Accommodations are available for people with disabilities. They include:

  • Curbside voting for voters with limited mobility. 
  • Asking to be reassigned to a more accessible polling place. 
  • Accessible voting systems such as audio ballots or the ability to enlarge text. 
  • Permanent absentee voting for people with disabilities, meaning you will automatically receive an absentee ballot each year without having to ask again. 

For more information, see the Missouri Secretary of State website or your local election authority.

Maria Benevento is a reporter with The Beacon, a member of the KC Media Collective. Members of the KC Media Collective, in partnership with The Kansas City Star, are collaborating on KC Voter Guide 2024 to help the community prepare for upcoming elections.

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