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Sympathetic Vibrations | Poolin’ It Local Our music pool playlist to get you through summer’s hottest month

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1 minute read

August is just around the corner.

If your response to that statement was an audible and disgruntled “ugh,” you likely know what the dreaded month has in store around these parts.

August in Kansas City is a mixed bag of feelings. Chiefs pre-season will begin and if the Royals continue their hot streak (please God), August should be full of sporting excitement. And school-aged children will head back to their respective loci of learning – triggering a chorus of cheers from arts-and-crafts-weary parents.

However, outside of these sparingly few bright spots, August in KC is generally miserable.

It’s going to be so hot and humid that you may feel an uncontrollable urge to punch people – perhaps even those you love. You will make hundreds of decisions motivated almost entirely by the amount of time you will be required to leave the respite of your air conditioned home or car. By September, you may be a completely different person. Who knows?

But, as always, we’re in this together, and we’re looking out for you here at Flatland. And it’s our well-informed belief that the best cure for all of your August climate-hating ails is a pool, some pals, and a pail of beers.

So find a concrete pond and use it frequently. Don’t be too ashamed to call that fringe friend of yours with the killer pool and invite yourself over. That jabroney knew what he was getting into when he bought the place. Offer to bring some beverages and good music. I mean, he’ll probably thank you for it. Right?

To that end, Flatland has cobbled together a stellar pool playlist, featuring artists from Kansas City and the surrounding areas, to be deployed early and often for all your August chilling needs.

The playlist is an eclectic mix of genres from local artists. And before you scream foul, it’s not meant to be a mix of the best new music from the best bands in the area or even the best songs from the bands featured. Instead, it’s meant to be a kickass mix of local music that should pair nicely with some adult beverages and a pool lounger. At some points it will be upbeat, at some points it will rock, and some points it will be chill and ambient.

Can you just grab a beer and relax? Sheesh.

The Playlist on Spotify

— Dan Calderon is Kansas City native, an attorney, and contributor to Flatland. You can contact him by emailing, or on Twitter @dansascity.

The Tracklist

The Conquerors — “Yes I Know”

Rachel Mallin and the Wild Type — “White Girls”

BLK FLANL — “Rise Up”

Shy Boys — “Notion”

Dreamgirl — “Acid Wash Ocean”

Your Friend — “Heathering”

Making Movies — “Brave Enough (feat. Hurray for the Riff Raff)”

Calvin Arsenia — “Experience”

Pageant Boys — “Last Rites”

The Sluts — “Only One”

Katy Guillen & the Girls — “Pulling Up from the Grooves”

The Grisly Hand — “Hearts & Stars”

The Greeting Committee — “Naive”

Yes You Are — “HGX”

Second Hand King — “Cold Shoulder”

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