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Cosplay Style, Part I: Planet Comicon Comes to Town

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1 minute read

As Planet Comicon takes over Bartle Hall for the next three days, comic book legend Stan Lee — and all the pop culture A-listers slated to make appearances — will be photographed thousands of times.

But we at Flatland are on hand to capture another side, the C-listers. That’s ‘C’ for Cosplayers, the elaborately adorned mega-fans who take costumed play and elevate it to performance art.

In Character

Frank Jones | Red Hood

“There are very few red headed superheroes in the DC Universe and he’s one of them!”

Harrison May | Raditz and Jordan Pfeifer | Goku

Harrison May: “I’ve always been a fan of Dragon Ball Z. I’ve gotten to the skill level to do the character justice.” Jordan Pfeifer: “Huge fan of Dragon Ball Z. It was a partner cosplay.”

Brian Moore | Green Arrow

“I’ve always been a fan of Green Arrow, both the comic and the show.”

Madelyn Anderson | Rey & BB8

“I’m a big Star Wars fan, the new movie and she’s a strong female lead that gets to use a lightsaber. ”

Bailey Calvin | Chara

“The game is very inspirational, you have to choose to be good or evil. ”

Molly Howe | Zero Suit Samus

“I love her message. She was one of the first female protagonists in a video game.”

Brian Seo | Silk

“I really like Spider-Man and Silk. Silk is an Asian American hero and too many people do Spider-Man.”

Anita Holmes | Batgirl

“I’m part of DC League, a charity organization working with Make a Wish Foundation. This is the costume we’re using.”

Anthony Fletcher | Jedi (Based on Obi-Wan Kenobi)

“I’m part of the KC Cosplay group, wearing three costumes this weekend. We have professionals, lawyers, students, etc.”

David Partelow | Deadpool

“He’s so much fun to play. He can be fun-loving and sweet or a little crazy.”

Caleb Bathgate | Umbrella Corporation Soldier

“I really love the video games. I belong to Umbrella Corp. KC, a local nonprofit that does work around KC.”

Kyle Powers | Colossus

“Ever since I was little, he stood out as a noble character. ”

Alyssa Sparks | Starfire

“I really like the cartoon. I would have liked her other costume, but it’s a little revealing.”

Lindsay Rathbun | Agent Carter

“I’ve always loved the 40s, but she’s a strong female character.”

— Out at Comicon this weekend and dressed to the nines or see someone who is? Send it to us on Twitter @FlatlandKC.

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