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Weekend Possibilities | Social Distancing Special Edition Tips to Help You Stay Busy While Staying Safe

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Above image credit: (AP Photo | Charlie Riedel)
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3 minute read

Kansas City Mayor Quinton Lucas joined leaders across the country on Thursday, announcing a state of emergency in Kansas City in response to the coronavirus disease (COVID-19) outbreak.

While confirmed cases across the metro remain relatively low, at least for now, the mayor is calling on community members to do their part in preventing spread of the disease. 

“Protecting all of our residents remains our top priority, which means that how we interact over the weeks and months ahead will need to change dramatically as we confront our current public health challenge,” Lucas said Thursday. Lucas elaborated during an interview today on Flatland’s sister radio station, 90.9 The Bridge.

In addition to banning public gatherings of more than 1,000 people, Lucas and Health Department Director Dr. Rex Archer echoed messaging from CDC and WHO officials, asking Kansas Citians to take social distancing seriously. You can keep up on developments and useful background on the coronavirus outbreak at

Concerts, conventions, college hoops and other events are being cancelled left and right. Just as we were posting this story, the Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art announced it’s closing for three weeks, although it’s encouraging virtual visits online.

Here at Flatland, we’re rethinking Weekend Possibilities with the idea that kids are at home and conference calls are being made from the couch. So without further adieu, here are a 10 social distancing possibilities for the days ahead.

10. Upset #MarchSadness

As concern over the coronavirus brings professional and college sports to a screeching halt, fans are (understandably) freaking out. If #MarchSadness has you down, here’s a supercut of the tourney’s best moments of the decade: 

9. NamaStay

Sweat can’t spread the disease, but picking up and setting down dumbells can. If going to the gym is a part of your daily routine, it’s worth considering working out where you live. 

Don’t have weights or worry about waking your downstairs neighbors? Roll out a mat (or towel) and do some yoga with a YouTube instructor.

8. ‘Go build a fort, or something’

Some of the best times of childhood are spent huddled under a blanket draped between chair backs. While hunkering down at home might sound like a nightmare to anyone with email to answer, doubling down with a good-old-fashioned pillow fort in the house could be a hit.

Just make sure there’s a hand sanitizer station in there.

7. ‘Make it hot with what you’ve got’

Panic buying is probably taking it a step too far, but cutting down on food waste is always a positive. If you’re cooped up and feel like making something tasty with what’s around, let Supercook do some of the work. Just enter what ingredients you have and POOF a menu.

6. Support (Virtual) Live Music

Live music lovers, we feel your pain. There’s nothing like a loud band and large crowd to sing along, but for now that also means a lot of germs. Lucky for you, there are plenty of live in-studio sessions online. (We’re understandably biased toward 90.9 The Bridge, where you also can support performing artists struggling to showcase their talent.)

5. Play the Classics

Miss going out and buying things? Monopoly. How about close contact with others? Twister. Want to solve a problem of your own? Clue. Do the kids miss math class? Yahtzee. Reading? Scrabble. Looking for a different type of stress? Jenga. 

Need we go on?

4. Take the Long View

Now you have plenty of time for “The Godfather Part II,” “Gone With the Wind,” “Titanic,” “Lawrence of Arabia” and “Avengers: Endgame.” We give you, Vulture’s 33 Best Movies Over 3 Hours Long.

3. Next Stop, Meditation Station

Meditation may reduce blood pressure, anxiety and depression, insomnia and more. If you’ve been looking for the opportunity to find some inner peace, now might be the time. Flip off the news for a few minutes and give a Meditation Podcast a go.

2. Dear, ____

Nursing homes and senior living facilities are encouraging residents’ loved ones to stay home or limit visits to prevent the spread of the coronavirus to the elderly, who are particularly vulnerable

If you have time, put pen to paper and write a few “thinking of you” letters to local nursing home residents who might be feeling lonely. Letters are a lost art.

1. Fresh Air

Social distancing doesn’t mean kissing sunshine goodbye. The CDC recommends staying home if you are feeling sick, but throwing a Frisbee at the park or playing in the backyard is not off the table!

Avoid close contact with others and, of course, wash your hands diligently once you’re back in the nest.

Flatland is here to help. Stay safe, friends.

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