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Harvesting Change | Growing Roots in the KC Food System 

The New Roots farmer training program is a four-year apprenticeship with Catholic Charities of Northeast Kansas and Cultivate KC.  

Harvesting Change | Advocating for Family Farms

Patchwork Family Farms provides vital links in the local food chain, relieving farmers from the stress of processing, packaging and marketing to customers.

Passing the Baton | Carl Boyd on ‘Generation Rap’

Urban educator Carl Boyd has spent most of his life connecting with young people, most notably through the long-running radio program "Generation Rap."

Passing the Baton | Pastor Cassandra Wainright’s Life of Service

Pastor Cassandra Wainright became the first female president of the Concerned Clergy Coalition of Kansas City. Watch her story on "Passing the Baton."

Passing the Baton | Groundbreaking African American Lawyer

Senior U.S. District Judge Fernando J. Gaitan Jr. reflects on a long, groundbreaking legal career as part of our "Passing the Baton" series.

Harvesting Change | Making a Local Meat Market

Cattle rancher Mike Callicrate is rethinking the food chain. He embraces a sustainable approach to raising, processing and selling meat directly to consumers.

Art House | The Hard Work Behind Hearty Laughter

Kansas City filmmakers Lolo Loren and Patrick Poe discuss how to provoke laughter in comedies such as "Almost, Sorta, Maybe" and "Vegan Apocalypse."

Art House | ‘Nelly Don’ Sparks a Fashion Revolution

"Nelly Don: The Musical Movie" tells the story of dressmaker Nell Quinlan Donnelly Reed, one of the great female entrepreneurs in Kansas City history.

Five Financial Tips for New Parents

It costs about $300,000 to raise a newborn until age 18. Here are five financial tips for new parents.

Art House | ‘Let Us Prey’ Examines Abuse in Baptist Churches

Filmmaker Sharon Liese's latest latest work, "Let Us Prey: A Ministry of Scandals," turns the camera on abuse in Independent Fundamental Baptist (IFB) churches.